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The Impact


This innovative collaborative project harnesses the historical and contemporary aspects of masquerade/carnival, and showcases a richness of creativity from across the four continents of Africa, North America, South America and Europe.


The intercultural experiences creates opportunities for enhanced future development by way of exploration, construction and documentation of carnivals of various African/Caribbean Diaspora communities which is very much needed. 

In addition to the J'ouvert experience, the Project produces videos, blogs, social media updates and diaries which will be used as publicity aids and used as permanent mementoes, and will be used as publicity aids to raise awareness and increase the global visibility of participating groups. 

The project provides networking opportunities that will allow for sustained engagement of the partners. This will enhance cultural diversity, and has the potential to positively impact on the social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities available in the various countries. 


The true extent of impact will be captured and measured by way of an end of project evaluation and the results used in the development of future productions. 

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